Metrology Summer School 🌍

1st Metrology Summer School for kids in Africa

14 - 17 September 2021

Mombasa Kenya Olives Rehabilitation


The purpose of this program is to introduce the students the basic concept of Metrology and explain to them the importance of metrology in our daily lives.

Thanks to Tamador Salih Saeed, founder of Metrology For All

“What Children Know and Need to Know about Measurement and Estimation” I am interested in the field of metrology in Africa. For that purpose I established a platform “Metrology for All” to increase awareness of metrology support and encourage people who are interested in this field, especially in Africa and developing countries, as well as inspiring other people in this field to join me in creating tools that help others. All activities within this platform are totally voluntary. For more details kindly visit website www.metrologyforall.com\


“Metrology for All” platform

Coordinator: Eng. Amy Gritzinger

Mr. Michael Nyundo the principal of the center


1. The Fluke Corporation. (Fluke Corporation: Fluke Electronics, Biomedical, Calibration and Networks)

2. Amotech Africa in Kenya (Amotech Africa)

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